Saturday, 20 August 2011

Shinnie Quilted Coin Pouch

Shinnie's Cute Bunny with Carrot coin pouch. Fully handmade just like my other pouches, using high quality yarn dyed or Japanese cotton. Measures 11cm (bottom) x 9.5cm (height). 


Monday, 1 August 2011

Angry Bird Pistochios and Raisins Butter Cupcakes

Yesterday was my day-off. Me and my kids have decided to make some cupcakes since last week. To surprise and make things more interesting for them, I've decided to make some Angry Bird using fondant for their cupcake decorations.. 

Made 12 of these birdie the night before.. Always wanted to try fondant, never thought my first try is to make Angry Bird.. What a challenge.. :)
 Our cupcakes fresh from the oven.. smells so good..!!

A little failure.. Batter to much liquid, all the raisins cluttered at the bottom.. :(

Decorated with whipped cream and Angry Bird.. Cute!!

 All done.. Amazingly fun Cupcake Day!!
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